Hey. It's the author of this website!
You probably wonder who I am or why this site exists. Well, I will tell you I'm bad at writing introductions. But have a seat.

WhiteSun has been on here since mid-2022, but I couldn't be arsed to even update it, so it was dead until November 2022, when I felt like making a website again.

Initially it was supposed to be more of a fansite-y thing about the Republic of China... but being so monotopical I would perish in a second, making this site dead as fuck.
Make no mistake, I plan on dedicating a portion of the site to this country, but first let's sort out the basics.

About me, wait...
I'm a guy nearing their 20s who spends too much time online (but is there something besides it in my life? no). There's not much to day, really...
I sometimes play games when I feel like it. Currently I'm super into Psychonauts, SoulCalibur VI and Untitled Game Goose.

Collection of dolls I made in various dollmakers (click on doll to see the dollmaker)