2023/1/22 - Bye-bye pretty sunshine
It is sadly time to say goodbye to NeoCities and this website.
I no longer have the inspiration to maintain it at all and the code is too wonky for me to rework it.
I have deleted most of pages from the directory, but worry not - I made a backup beforehand! What will I do with the site? I don't know.
I plan on scrubbing it of the copyrighted content (either stuff I want to keep or assets I didn't make) and release the layout in public domain.
While I am saying goodbye to whitesun, this is not the end of me on the cyberspace. You can now find me on GitHub (and still, Akkoma).
Jump in, buddy!

Thank you for over 15K views on here - I feel like I have let you down with lack of updates - hopefully the new website will be satisfying enough for you. I am contributing here and there on Git itself and dabble in more arts than usual, so I truly hope you will stay with me.
Thanks again, y'all!

Feel free to leave your goodbye letters in the chatbox, the site will be nuked on February 10, 2023.